Causes of acne.

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Acne is caused by clogging of the skin pores. The main factor in acne is that the body produces too much oil on the skin layer. Dead skin cells clog pores and bacterial infection of the skin causing inflammation. 

The changes in growth hormones during adolescence can also cause. Other factors that are thought to be associated with include poor diet or hygiene. No clear evidence has found to prove it. However, maintaining health and hygiene would benefit the body as a whole.


Preliminary inspection can be done by yourself by examining the area of ​​the skin that has acne to see what kind. What is the severity of the inflammation? Analyzed from the appearance found duration inflammation and pain caused by inflammation. Before going to consult the symptoms and buy medicine from a certified pharmacy. But if there are many or severe should see a dermatologist


In general, you can use medicines or creams from a licensed pharmacy by having a pharmacist help with advice. If there are a lot of acne Pimples cause pain. Or self-treatment and the inflammation has not subsided. You should see a dermatologist for examination and treatment . The treatment process depends on the type. Symptoms and severity of inflammation. It consists of taking medicines, applying drugs, injections and various therapies.