UEFA Discipline Exam “Al-Khelaifi, Leonardo” after the PSG

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A report from France says UEFA is considering disciplinary action against Paris chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi. Saint-Germain Including sporting director Leonardo,

on Wednesday night, “PSG” lost 3-1 to Real Madrid, making them out of the last 16 of the Champions League with a 3-2 aggregate score

. The Ligue 1 side were unhappy with the decision of the Dutch umpire led by Danny Mackeli, especially when they conceded the first goal. Because it looks like a Dan like. Gianluigi Donnarumma has been fouled first

After the game, it was reported that Al-Khelaifi and Leonardo were furious and tried to clear with the referee in the room.

An eyewitness told Ufabet that the pair got out of the VIP seats before the final whistle sounded. Before attempting to go to the referee’s room, where Al-Khelaifi shouted and smashed the wall in anger. Although his team later denied the matter.

When they both tried to break into the referee’s room Field officials have been preventing them from retreating. But reports say Leonardo tried to stand in the doorway to avoid it being closed. While Al-Khelaifi was also captured by the Lineman’s flag.

The Spaniard added that from then on the pair knew they were hit by Real’s on-field staff. madrid filming clip Al-Khelaifi ordered the shooting to be stopped three times and, according to eyewitnesses, he slapped the staff member’s hand, causing the mobile phone to drop to the ground. But that is another matter that PSG side reject.

The Spanish media also reported that the Paris president had verbally threatened the person who filmed the clip. causing security and police officers to play a deterrent role And it is another that the PSG team refused.

The PSG side stated that Al-Khelaifi and Leonardo only wanted to talk to the referee but they were banned,

Ufabet said Real Madrid have now sent video clips of the incident. That happened to the UEFA already. And they don’t want to publish it in the media. To not want Al-Khelaifi’s reputation to be damaged further.