Singh made a statement ‘Good government’ hopes the team

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Chelsea released a statement confirming that talks will be held. With the government to ensure the club operates as normal as possible. After sanctions were imposed on team owner Roman Abramovich,

the aristocracy decided to boycott Abramovich on Thursday morning over his ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Which he had always denied.

That put his assets on hold and created uncertainty for the club.

Chelsea have released a statement confirming that tonight’s game against Norwich City will continue. And are hoping to negotiate with the government. To ask the club to continue as normal as possible,

That the club’s owner Roman Abramovich.

But are currently unable to buy and sell players or negotiate contracts. Or sell matchday tickets and merchandise.

Abramovich is also no longer able to sell the club unless. From the proceeds. The ufabet report.

“Since he is 100 per cent owner of the club, Chelsea FC are normally subject to sanctions in the same way as Abramovich, however the UK government has issued a letter authorizing Chelsea to take some action.

We will seek guidance from the Government on the impact of these measures on the

Chelsea Foundation and its important work on the Chelsea Foundation. our community The club will report further progress when the time is right.”

The Premier League also released a statement. By confirming that a license from the government allows Chelsea to continue training and play until the end of the season.