Messi flew to Saudi Arabia hours after losing to Lorient.

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Lionel Messi travels to Saudi Arabia hours after PSG lost to Lorient. Commander of Paris Saint-Germain Missed out at home, losing 1-3 to Lorient in the Ligue 1 battle on Sunday. In that game, PSG had to play 10 people from the 20th minute. While the situation in the league still led the crowd with 5 points over Olympique Marseille after 33 games.

But on Monday, Le Parisien reported that Messi had traveled to Riyadh. Saudi Arabia which happened a few hours after the defeat to Lorient.

French media further revealed that this trip is in accordance with the binding contract agreed with the Saudi authorities. UFABET Because Messi is acting as a tourism ambassador for the oil-rich Middle East country.

In that case, the Minister of Tourism posted a message via social media. With the heart of welcoming Messi and his family to visit Saudi Arabia for the second time.

Le Parisien stated that Messi will spend 1-2 days promoting and working according to the agreed contract. Before returning to France to train before next weekend’s trip to Troyes in Ligue 1.

With hundreds of goals he scored with both Barcelona and the Argentina national team. That is the main reason he is regarded as one of the best players in the world.