How to play Dragon Tiger games,

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Hello all ufabet followers , today I will explain how to play Dragon Tiger online game because Dragon Tiger game has a similar format. with baccarat games and has always been popular For this article, anyone who has never known this game before, I will take you all to see all the details. No matter how the dragon tiger plays What are the rules for counting points? At the end of the article, there will be a preview of how to play it. Let’s go to see each other.

Dragon Tiger online game

Dragon Tiger is a card game that has always been very popular. And this game also has a method of playing similar to the card game of Baccarat. But they are different in that the game of Baccarat will have a play style. Place more bets Because up to three cards are used to play together. As for the Dragon Tiger game, only one card is used. Cannot draw more cards like Baccarat

To explain simply, it is open 1 card per side, which side has more points, wins. If the result always comes out You will lose half of your bet, unlike baccarat that will return money to people who bet. Unless you bet on Tie, if both sides have equal points, you will receive money immediately.

Rules for counting the points of the game

Each card’s score has a different value. Card A has the lowest value and card K has the highest value as follows. See the counting pictures below.

  • Card A has a value of 1.
  • 2 is equal to 2
  • 3 is equal to 3
  • 4 is equal to 4
  • 5 is equal to 5
  • 6 is equal to 6
  • 7 is equal to 7
  • 8 is equal to 8
  • 9 is equal to 9
  • 10 is equal to 10
  • J is equal to 11
  • Q is equal to 12.
  • K is equal to 13.
Dragon Tiger games