“Azpilicueta” admits it’s not a normal day for Chelsea

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Cesar Azpilicueta The veteran Chelsea defender admits that the incident is unusual for the team but will focus on the field first.

The Blues are facing a serious crisis after the UK government decided to let Roman Abed. Ramovich is one of the most influential people close to Russian President Vladimir Putin and has led to a suspension on the assets of the club he currently owns.

Chelsea have been granted a special licence by the Government to continue football operations, albeit with a number of restrictions in place, such as not selling tickets or merchandise.

While their team has a program to play against Norwich City tonight, the captain of the team. Azpiliguanta admitted:

“I have to admit it wasn’t a normal day. But we can’t control these things,” Azpilicueta said before the game.

And before the Women team locked horns with West Ham on Thursday night, Hayes conceded that she must now ‘navigate a difficult period’ following the news.   

‘There’s no denying it’s a difficult day,’ she said on Sky Sports. ‘It’s important we give it time, the club’s put a statement out and I understand the club’s working with the government to dissect the interpretation of that. 

‘For all the questions everyone has, players, fans, staff, we have to give the club time to work through that. 

“We came here and focused on the game, We knew we had to fight for the three points. We have to forget about what happened off the pitch.”