Custom Assay Service

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Because EnSens® substrates are modular, recombinant proteins, rapid development of new protease substrates is now possible.

Custom Substrate Development:  If you already know your protease recognition sequence(s), we can generate new substrates for you in a few weeks.

Custom Assay Development:  EnSens® substrates can also be modified for use in flow cytometry, or for expression in cell culture (2D or 3D).

Coming Soon: Substrate Library Screening:  If you have a target protease, but don’t know its recognition sequence(s), or seek a substrate that is selective for your target protease, we can screen our yeast EnSens® substrate library.

Contact us at [email protected], or (412) 256-8005 (9AM-5PM EST, Mon-Fri), for more information or free consultation.

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