Frequently withholding stool How dangerous is it?

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Frequently withholding stool How dangerous is it?

Frequent withholding of stool What are the risks?

If you feel pain, don’t hold back. Because it can affect your health in many ways!!

Some people like to hold off on heavy shooting and light shooting. The more the group of salaried workers who sit and work, they are courted. or those who travel frequently And it’s not convenient to go to the bathroom. This causes the behavior of holding back stool and refusing to excrete. Which doing this is no different from practicing behaviors that harm your own health. Let’s look at how holding back stool has negative effects on the body.

How dangerous is it? If you hold back your stool and refuse to pass it?

1. The digestive system is in disarray. Addicted to the habit of taking photos at irregular times

When you feel pain but don’t want to pass a bowel movement, it’s like you miss the moment when your intestines are ready to fully contract and excrete waste. Especially if you turn to other activities for fun. The urge to take photos will disappear. Until finally, you may not take any photos that day. which if we cultivate the habit of holding back stool frequently The body may learn that we don’t want to take pictures. Makes the digestive system disorganized Can’t take photos at the right time

2. Constipation

Having feces remain in the intestines for a long time will cause the water in the feces to be sucked out. Until the prepared feces are released, there is little water remaining. and more hardening occurs When bowel movement becomes difficult, it may become constipation. It’s difficult to take photos in the end.

3. Accumulate waste in the body

As said, if you refuse to excrete The body will pull back the water in the feces for use. Needless to say, it can be assumed that the water in the feces is all waste. This means that holding back the stool may allow toxins to remain in the body easily and unexpectedly!

4. Fatigue, nausea, not refreshed.

If the body reabsorbs water from the feces for สมัคร ufabet use. Various toxic residues Including germs that may come back to attack the body and make you feel sluggish. From abdominal discomfort due to not having a bowel movement It spreads to nausea, not feeling refreshed, and feeling tired.

5. Stool blockage

This risk is considered more serious than that of constipation. That usually happens to people who like to hold in their stool. or people with other abnormal digestive system problems until the accumulation of feces tightly packed together at the end of the intestine If you do not have a bowel movement for several days, the remaining feces will become dry and hard to the point that the body cannot easily excrete the feces. This results in chronic constipation for a long time.

6. Hemorrhoids

Holding in the stool causes the digestive system to become disorganized. The stool is hard because there is little water left, constipation, all of which easily cause the risk of hemorrhoids. Especially if you have difficulty passing a bowel movement, have to strain to pass a bowel movement, or the stool is so hard that it often cuts into the anus. May cause wounds to the inside of the anus. or sticking out outside There is a risk that when you excrete, you will also bleed.

7. Colon cancer

Of course, chronic constipation leads to the accumulation of germs from feces frequently and continuously for a long time. May put the body at risk of frequent inflammation and infection as well. And this situation will increase the risk of colon cancer even more.

Can you see that he just refuses to have a bowel movement? Just holding it in until it becomes a habit can affect your health this much. Therefore, when you have a stool, don’t hold it in. It is better to quickly excrete so that the various mechanisms of the body can work smoothly. Starting by adjusting your own behavior first.