Easy ways to clean your makeup brushes thoroughly that you can do yourself.

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In addition to cosmetics that are kept sealed well every time after use. No contamination And washing your face correctly will help keep your face clear and away from acne. Our makeup brushes must be clean. Always ready to use as well. Otherwise, little acne may come to visit. But few people know how to clean makeup brushes properly. If you keep your brush for a long time Not cleaning at all We would like to warn. Take care and clean your makeup brushes according to the following criteria. 

– Concealer brushes, foundation brushes, blush brushes should be washed once a week.
– Eyeliner brushes and eye shadow brushes should be washed every 2 months/time.
– Eyebrow brushes and lip brushes should be washed once a month.

Check your brushes before washing.

Before washing makeup brushes, girls should first check the condition of the brushes to see how dirty they are. If you use a foundation brush that leaves a thick residue on the brush, you only need to wash it with soap and water. It may not be clean enough. Therefore, it is necessary to use baby oil to help further cleanse. It will make it easier to remove makeup. Report by https://ufabet999.app

Wipe the bristles with baby oil.

If girls need to clean their makeup brushes with baby oil first, Simply add a drop of baby oil to a sheet of paper towel folded in half. Then rub the bristles onto the paper in circular motions. Once you’ve wiped the bristles on the paper until the makeup residue has faded, use another piece of paper towel. Mop clean again.

Wash brushes with soap.

After cleaning with some baby oil Now it’s time to wash the water. By washing the bristles under the faucet. Try not to let water touch the joint between the bristles and the brush handle. This may cause the brush head to rust and the glue to fall off. Then pour liquid soap or shampoo onto your palm. Then rub the bristles of the brush gently to clean. Rub repeatedly until all cosmetic stains are removed from the brush. Then rinse with clean water. Use your fingers to gently iron the bristles to help wash away all dirt and soap scum.

Wipe the brush clean.

   When washed with clean water Use a clean towel to gently blot the bristles to absorb the water. Use your index finger and thumb to rub gently to shape the brush. But you shouldn’t leave your makeup brush wrapped in a towel. Because it may cause the brush to deform and cause humidity to become moldy.

Leave it to dry.

      When the bristles are damp enough Let the makeup brushes dry. By laying the brush down May be dried on a wire rack or placed on a table. By keeping the bristles beyond the edge of the table to allow the bristles to set. Ladies, do not place your brush face up. Because water from the bristles may flow down and become trapped in the handle. It can cause the brush to break or become moldy. Also, do not use a hair dryer to dry the bristles. Because the heat may cause the glue to fall off. And it also destroys the bristles.