Industry’s First Selective MMP Activity Assays

EnSens MMP-2 Substrate SelectivityMatrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) are a family of closely related zinc-dependent endopeptidases that play critical roles in a variety of major diseases and developmental pathways. MMP substrates are notoriously non-selective, each being cleaved by multiple MMPs. EnSens® protease substrates have been engineered to increase selectivity between closely related proteases within a family.

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EnSens® technology is a new, easy-to-use fluorescent protease activity assay technology

  • Doesn’t rely on FRET, fluorescent proteins, or antibodies
  • Can be used in any fluorescent application, from standard plate reader fluorimetry to flow cytometry and live-cell microscopy
  • Is selective for the target protease

Kits are available for microplate and live-cell microscopy assays. If you don’t see the substrate or application you need, EnSens® recombinant & modular nature enables rapid custom development of novel, selective substrates. Contact us to find out more.

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