3D Live-Cell Protease Activity Imaging

Now you can selectively image the activity of your protease in live cells.

EnSens® Fluorescent 3D Live Cell Imaging Kits for Protease Activity Tracking provide fluorescent protease activity probes (substrates) for use with live three-dimensional (3D) cell culture or co-culture.

  • Non-toxic, protease-selective substrate and far-red fluorescent dye
  • Stable (at least 6 days in cell culture), highly resistant to photobleaching
  • Mixed directly into invasion matrix / scaffold / hydrogel (e.g. Matrigel®, or collagen gel)
  • Enables real-time localization of specific protease activity by fluorescent microscopy
  • Doesn’t rely on FRET, fluorescent proteins, or antibodies

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If you don’t see the substrate or application you need, EnSens® recombinant & modular nature enables rapid custom development of novel, selective substrates. Contact us to find out more.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Phenotypic and MoA Analysis of Anti-Metastatic Molecules using 3D Tumoroid Invasion Assays, Kinetic Ligand Binding, and Cellular Microscopy, presented by BioTek Instruments as a webinar on March 11, 2015. BioTek also presented these data at AACR (see the video) on April 21, 2015. In addition to EnSens® technology, it features BioTek’s Cytation™ 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader and Gen5 Data Analysis Software.

3D Live-cell Protease Activity Imaging

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